Dunleavy camp revamps ad after woman objects to inclusion

Published 07-17-2018

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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy's campaign has removed from an advertisement footage of a Fairbanks woman who objected to being included in it.

Marjorie Tahbone says the ad took advantage of her Inupiaq ethnicity.

Alaska Public Media reports the original version of the ad included several seconds of Tahbone walking in the woods and dancing as part of a group.

Tahbone criticized the ad in a Facebook post and said she doesn't support Dunleavy. The campaign took the ad down Sunday, after becoming aware of her concerns. The ad has been reposted without footage of Tahbone.

Dunleavy campaign manager Brett Huber says he sent Tahbone a message saying that while the footage was legally obtained, the campaign did not want anyone included in an ad they didn't support.

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