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Juneau, Alaska is an exciting adventure, and although Alaska is not San Francisco or Paris, you will find that the last frontier offers many unexpected pleasures for food and drink lovers. I # ve gone through some of the best restaurants Juneau has to offer, some of my favorite Juneau restaurants fall under the category of "excellent" Alaska food and are the best Alaska restaurants in that period.

If you want to cook in Juneau, see what you can find, and if you're going to cook your catch, Alaska Seafood Company will do it for you in no time. If you want to eat the best seafood in the state, or just a little of it, there's something for everyone here in Alaska.

This establishment also has a wide selection of beers and wines, as well as some of the best craft beers in the country. Alaska beer, where you can get it on tap, served in a glass or bottle or even on tap in the tavern.

Explore the city and enjoy some of the best seafood, such as cured sock salmon, salmon stew and salmon cake. The stops include Amalga, a popular restaurant with a wide selection of local and regional seafood and a variety of other dishes.

If you want more insight into the city, head to Juneau Food Tours and join the Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier tours for some of the jewels in the restaurant crown that Juneau, Alaska has to offer. You will certainly have a great time learning more about the area, and if you don't want to do the food on foot, check out Juneau's Food Tours to take time for lunch and maybe have a little history and fun with your food. If you book an Icefield Helicopter Excursion in the morning, you can spend a great day on the ice rink with a helicopter tour over Alaska's largest glacier.

I just spent five days in Juneau, Alaska, speaking at the International Food Bloggers Conference. As a bonus, here are some of the places I visited, accommodations and restaurants when I was in Juneau Alaska to help you plan your own trip. Travel Juneai has a number of events to explore during your stay, so give it a try!

This was my first excursion, we ate salmon and king crab, drank beer on the glacier, played with sled dogs and saw whales.

If you spend a week in Juneau, you know where to eat lunch, dinner, or anything else. After getting a real sense of Juneau community through the freshly prepared and easy-to-prepare local cuisine, we headed out for a night or two. We met a few cruise ships and a few local restaurants, although we were only in Mayau for the day, but we met it.

These vibrant 10-15 pound salmon have a wide range of Pacific salmon and return to Alaska rivers in July and fall. We were in Shikat Bay, Ketchikan and Hump Island that day, so the 4 - 10 pounds we caught this year were sockeye. While oxtail is the most common seaweed harvested along the Juneau coast, it is sold in shops and incorporated into dishes in restaurants. Clean your palate with local Alaska oysters by tasting the salty and creamy options of the day.

Having Alaska king crab in Alaska is something you just have to experience if you're a shell lover. It's the best anywhere, but you don't get fresh king crabs in Juneau because most king crab legs are frozen straight away. Try a spice sauce - grated and grilled, which goes perfectly with Alaska game.

Juneau Food Tours enjoys sharing the history of the city and the food with our Top 10 Food Tours. Take a look at our list of the 10 most popular restaurants in Alaska and start to swallow as soon as possible. We've listed some of our favorite places on our "Top 10" tour, where we reveal the top 10 restaurants of our top favorites, but take it all in.

American cuisine, which focuses mainly on strong local influences, our favorite dishes are chicken and pork ribs, pork belly and of course salmon. Our favourites on the menu include her house - with bacon and tempting steaks, as well as her chicken wings and burgers.

Juneau, Alaska, has some of the most famous restaurants, but Tracy's King Crab Shack is a staple for us, as are many other local restaurants.

Owner and operator of a former professional fisherman who loves fishing, loves what he gets and what he gets, and we get healthy, community food from this great Juneau restaurant. The restaurant serves a variety of unique creations, including salmon macs and cheese flavoured with salmon and mac & cheese. Whether you serve Alaska halibut to warm up on cold days or a stuffed sandwich on cold days, you are guaranteed to find something to suit your taste.

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