Juneau Alaska Attractions

The city of Juneau is not only the capital of Alaska, but also one of the best places in the state to go whale watching. In summer, the city is the capital of Alaska and a great opportunity for a day trip to the largest and most famous whale sanctuary in the world.

Juneau also offers some of the best attractions in the region, including the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, Alaska Museum of Natural History and the State Capitol. There are also a number of other attractions that could be of interest in Juneau, such as North Slope National Park. The best place to find out about these and other tourist attractions that might interest you is the mendenh all - in - a - glacier visiting center.

Travelers can also visit the Alaska Museum of Natural History, Alaska State Capitol and North Slope National Park. As one of the best places in Alaska, make sure you drop by for some amazing natural wonders and attractions in Alaska.

Highlights include the Alaska Museum of Natural History, Alaska State Capitol and North Slope National Park. Opening hours vary by season, so be sure to check the Alaska State Museum website for all the details. The Travel Juneau website has an online calendar of events and here you can find more information about events and events in the region.

Exploring Juneau on your own is perfectly possible, but if your time is limited, it's a good idea to book a few tours as well. As part of our cruise route, we left Anchorage, Alaska on the first day of the cruise and returned to Junefrom Alaska the next day. We considered adding a day or two here and there during our two-week cruise, and we did.

The Juneau trips were a feast for the eyes, but when else can you do something like land a helicopter on a glacier and then go dog sledding? On this Juneaux cruise, you will not only have the opportunity to see whales, you will also get closer to more glaciers and you can land on the glacier from a helicopter, so it is one of the best ways to get out and see Alaska artifacts. Scroll down this page for more information about Alaska TourSaver (r), which includes the option to buy a tour for just $10 per person - get out - or $25 for a family of four when shopping and buying from them.

These cruises of natural beauty offer families the opportunity to explore and experience many of the best places in Alaska. From cities like Anchorage, it is important to experience the natural attractions and sights that make Alaska so popular. Save money on the best things to do with your kids in Juneau, Alaska! We are your virtual Alaska travel guide and help you plan your Alaska vacation of your dreams!

Whether you are traveling by land or by sea, our day tours and attractions can help you make the most of your vacation with unique experiences in Alaska. Alaska Adventure Concierge is here to help you discover things you can do and places you can stay during your visit to this spectacular state. Whether your Alaska vacation of dreams includes a trip to Anchorage, Anchorage or any of the other major cities in the state, Alaska Travel Adventures will help make your time in Alaska truly memorable.

We have found that Juneau is not short of things to do, and our adventure options are more than just things that reach a lifetime status.

Juneau is the only capital of the state that can only be reached by plane or boat. Although it actually belongs to British Columbia rather than Alaska, we ended our cruise to Alaska with a visit to Victoria. The city of Victoria is not accessible by car, truck or SUV, but by boat or ferry.

When you enter this amazing city, you will feel like Juneau has so much more to do, including some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire state of Alaska and the best food and drink options. There are dozens of things to do around the city of Victoria, and even more if you're a tourist or even just a family of four or five, there are plenty of free things to do during your next family vacation in and around Juneaux, Alaska. You will be surprised by the number of activities that are offered for free in Victoria and the fact that they are all free.

Let's take a look at some of the must-see destinations - look at destinations that everyone should add to your Juneau itinerary. In this post, we will examine the following categories, but first let's go through a list of some must-see attractions for all those who should be added to Juneaux's itineraries. The great Riverboat Discovery starts in Fairbanks and takes you on a scenic tour along the Chena and Tanana rivers. Along the way, you will learn about contemporary and traditional life in Alaska, and the trip will also take you to the oldest buildings in Alaska.

More About Juneau

More About Juneau